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Hippeastrum striatum

Amaryllis, Hippeastrum striatumMany years ago a departing neighbor gave me a box of bulbs.  They sat in the box on the patio for many months totally neglected.  I noticed one putting out leaves, so I planted them.  I had no idea what they were.  For years all they did was put up a few strap like leaves.  Probably because they were on the north side of a wall, and they should have had bright sunlight.

Amaryllis, Hippeastrum striatumThen, one year I was surprised to see a flower stalk rising out of the ground.

Amaryllis, Hippeastrum striatumThen this large flower appeared.  Now I know they are a species of amaryllis, a common name not to be confused with the generic name, amaryllis, which belongs to a different kind of plant.

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