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Persea americana

Avocado, Persea americanaThe avocado tree has very thick foliage on the ends of flexible branches.  If not trimmed, the branches droop to the ground.  The branches left in the deep shade of the inner part of the tree "self prune", die and fall off.

Avocado, Persea americanaThe heavy, drooping foliage and self pruning leave a large clear space "inside" the tree.  A great play house when I was a kid.  

Avocado, Persea americanaThe avocados grow in the shade of the thick cover of leaves.  This makes them difficult to see when picking avocados.  We often find more after having picked "the last one".  The dense foliage is also good for hiding bird nests.

Avocado, Persea americanaHere is the fruit ready to eat.  Remove the seed, and scoop with a spoon.  Raccoons leave the seeds around the yard, and those that sprout become weeds, of course .

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