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Rubus x

Blackberry, Rubus xNothing tastes better, or is more satisfying than fruit grown in your own garden, berries on cereal, berries on cake, berries on ice cream, or just a bowl full of berries to be savored one by one.  Especially when the harvest is large enough to share with friends and family.

Blackberry, Rubus xThis is my wall of blackberries.  The red leaves are left over from last fall.  When we don't get much frost the leaves remain green all winter.  Now it is blooming and setting the crop for this spring.

Blackberry, Rubus xThis is one of the flowers with a small unidentified beetle.  I encourage the green lynx spiders to help control insects which eat leaves or berries.

Blackberry, Rubus xHere is the fruit in varying stages of development.  You have to remember that when a blackberry is red, it is green.  The darker the color, the sweeter the flavor.

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