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Lawn Burweed
Soliva pterosperma

Lawn Burweed, Soliva pterospermaOne fine day my grandchildren ran barefoot onto my cool, soft lawn, as they had done so many times before.  Suddenly, they were dancing and screaming.  A careful search of the grass turned up these nasty lawn burweeds, which were hidden down among the grass.  I had never seen them before.

Lawn Burweed, Soliva pterospermaThe leaves and branches radiate from the base of the flower.  The only effective means I have found to remove them from the lawn is to reach carefully down and grasp the plant below the lowest bur, and pull it out, one by one.  Spraying them would leave the sharp burs there.

Lawn Burweed, Soliva pterospermaThe tiny flower head doesn't really open. The stigmas and stamens are in the central peak of the bur.

Lawn Burweed, Soliva pterospermaEach flower produces one hard, dry fruit.  When mature the bur consists of a number of these viscous fruits, waiting for a soft foot to carry it to place where it can grow.

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