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Chandelier Plant
Kalanchoe tubiflora

Chandelier Plant, Kalanchoe tubifloraBy keeping it cut very short, chandelier plant makes a good ground cover in parts of my gardens where almost nothing else would grow.

Chandelier Plant, Kalanchoe tubifloraThis row along the wall is permitted to grow to full height, 4 - 5 feet. The flowers are quite attractive.

Chandelier Plant, Kalanchoe tubifloraBecause most students are not familiar with the chandelier plant, I have used the small, young plants in class.  The plant's unusual characteristics make it a good subject for an assignment in "observation".  Since the leaves are cylindrical, and not green, students confuse them with branches.  This picture shows the six ranks of leaves.

Chandelier Plant, Kalanchoe tubifloraOn the end of each leaf is a cluster of plantlets.  Eventually each plantlet will develop a root, then drop off and establish itself as an independent plant (clone).  This is a form of asexual reproduction.  The hundreds of plantlets cloned by each plant makes this species a good weed.

Chandelier Plant, Kalanchoe tubifloraA close look at the impressive flower head shows the reason for the species name tubiflora.

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