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Common Chickweed
Stellaria media

Common Chickweed, Stellaria mediaThe common chickweed is a frequent weed of the lawn, especially in shady, damp places.  So it is much more of a problem during winter.  Its common name comes from it being a favorite food of chickens.  According to some sources, it tastes somewhat like spinach, however I think I shall not add chickweed to my veggie plate.

Common Chickweed, Stellaria mediaIf permitted, chickweed forms a thick, succulent ground cover.  Since we had a record early (early November, it never happens before Christmas!) hard frost, I gave up on my winter tomatoes, and let chickweed protect the soil for the rest of the rainy season .

Common Chickweed, Stellaria mediaThis shows flower of the chickweed.  They are tiny, but they still deserve a close look.  Notice the square cross section of the stem.

Common Chickweed, Stellaria mediaThe chickweed has long, week stems that sprawl over a relatively large area.  Sometimes it will send down roots from the nodes, creating clones.

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