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Italian Cypress
Cupresses sempervirens

Italian Cypress, Cupresses sempervirensBecause it grows tall and narrow, the Italian cypress is favored in landscaping, especially for hedges and windbreaks.  It is commonly planted in this area.

Italian Cypress, Cupresses sempervirensIf not kept trimmed, after a some years it becomes much too large for small city lots.  Also, when ground saturating winter rains are followed by Santa Ana winds, tall trees tend to topple.  Most home owners cut the cypress down when it gets much above the roof tops.

Italian Cypress, Cupresses sempervirensThe leaves of the cypress are like small scales, pressed tightly against the twigs.  Not all gymnosperms have needle like leaves.

Italian Cypress, Cupresses sempervirensHere is a cone of the Italian cypress.

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