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Kidney Weed
Dichrondra repens

Kidney Weed, Dichrondra repensMany years ago, before water became so expensive, dichondra lawns were fashionable.  They were also low maintanance, but required a lot of water.  Now it is usually just another weed in the lawn.  Kidney weed is also known as western poneyfoot.

Kidney Weed, Dichrondra repensHere is a close look at one of its larger leaves.  The leaf shape accounts for both common names, kidney weed and poneyfoot.

Kidney Weed, Dichrondra repensBy pushing some of the leaves aside I could find this flower, very tiny, and rising straight from the soil.  The leaves also rise directly from the ground.

Kidney Weed, Dichrondra repensHere is the horozontal stem which runs along just below the surface of the ground.  You can see how the leaves, roots and flowers are attached.

Kidney Weed, Dichrondra repensThese are the very small fruit of the kidney weed.  When they are mature they turn black.

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