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Podocarpus elongata

Fernpine, Podocarpus elongataThe fernpine from Australia is a common tree along the streets of Southern California. Actually there are three species grouped under this common name.  It doesn't have showy flowers like the jacaranda which it replaced, but it doesn't make as much mess either.  (the jacaranda was removed because it broke up the sidewalk.)

Fernpine, Podocarpus elongataThese are the leaves of the fernpine.  Not all gymnosperms have needle like leaves.

Fernpine, Podocarpus elongataAfter many years, the fernpine in our yard produced these male cones.  When shaken they produced a cloud of yellow pollen.

Fernpine, Podocarpus elongataA fernpine on the other side of our block produced female cones.  Most of the trees in our neighorhood are still not reproducing.

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