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Gold Tooth Aloe
Aloe nobilis

Gold Tooth Aloe, Aloe nobilisThe gold tooth aloe is a common garden plant in Southern California. It brightens this corner of my garden with its spikes of bright orange flowers.  It is a close relative of Aloe vera, which is noted for its medicinal properties.

Gold Tooth Aloe, Aloe nobilisThis aloe has rather short stems which are generally hidden behind the large rosette of succulent leaves.

Gold Tooth Aloe, Aloe nobilisThis mound of aloe rosettes is a single plant which started out as a single rosette cut from a previous plant.  Aloe is easily cloned in this way.  It also requires very little attention, which I like.

Gold Tooth Aloe, Aloe nobilisThese are the flower stalks coming up out of the rosettes.

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