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Grevillea robusta

Silk-Oak, Grevillea robustaThe silk-oak trees in the neighbors yard get so tall that leaves and seeds easily drift into my yard.  This is a very young seedling.  The silk-oak is popular as a shade tree because it grows so fast.  Its greatest problem is that it grows so fast, and so tall.

Silk-Oak, Grevillea robustaThis is one of the three silk-oaks which were in that yard.  When the others were removed, this one was cut back to nearly a bare trunk about 30 feet high.  In two years it has filled out again.  If you look carefully at the picture you can see the trunk is much thicker near the top than you might expect.  That's because it was topped.

Silk-Oak, Grevillea robustaNow the tree has regained some of its height and bushed out again.  So now the crows again find it attractive as a place for social gatherings.  Forty or fifty crows socializing can be very loud and annoying.

Silk-Oak, Grevillea robustaHere is the silk-oak tree in blossom.

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