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Jacaranda Tree
Jacaranda acutifolia

Jacaranda Tree, Jacaranda acutifoliaThe jacaranda is a common street tree.  We had one in front of our house for many years, until the city took it out because it was breaking up the curbs and walks.

Jacaranda Tree, Jacaranda acutifoliaThe flowers of the jacaranda are showy.  Though there may be some flowers on the tree anytime in spring or summer, the whole tree is covered with them for a few weeks in spring.  A street lined with jacarandas in full bloom is quite a sight.  But the sticky flowers are hard on parked cars, and on carpets.

Jacaranda Tree, Jacaranda acutifoliaThe long leaves are divided twice, along the main midrib they are divided into pinnae, each pinna is divided into pinnules (leaflets).  This makes a leaf look like a fern.

Jacaranda Tree, Jacaranda acutifoliaHere is the fruit of the jacaranda tree.  They are woody and hard pods, frequently used in decorative arrangements.  But be sure to pick up before mowing the lawn.

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