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Jade Plant
Crassula argentea

Jade Plant, Crassula argenteaThe jade plant is easy to grow with very little care.  It is usually cloned rather than grown from seed.  A piece of the plant as small as a leaf, when placed in the soil, will grow into a large plant like this one.  20 or so years ago, I tossed a piece broken off another jade plant into the garden here.

Jade Plant, Crassula argenteaThe leaves which get more sunlight develop the red edges.  Note the thickness of the leaves.  Plants with thick moist leaves like this are called "succulent".

Jade Plant, Crassula argenteaThe flowers are rather small, but when most of them are open it makes quite a show.

Jade Plant, Crassula argenteaHere is the trunk of the jade plant.  If it had been in a place with more light it would likely be much thicker.  I have seen plants with trunks at least twice the diameter of this one.  However, the trunk, like the leaves, is soft and moist and can be easily broken.

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