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Lantana camara

Lantana, Lantana camaraThe lantana is a frequently weed in my yard because it's small fruit is favored by many birds.  Sometimes I have permitted a lantana bush to grow.  They are a popular landscaping shrub.

Lantana, Lantana camaraThis view shows the square stem with the pairs of opposite leaves coming off in alternate directions.  Notice the stiff hairs on the stem, they give the plant a very rough feel.

Lantana, Lantana camaraLantana bushes are large enough and dense enough to form hedges.  Here several color varieties are growing together.

Lantana, Lantana camaraIn most varieties the flower in a cluster change color from the center out.

Lantana, Lantana camaraOne of many common names for lantana is, butterfly bush.  The bush is frequently covered with flowers which are very attractive to many species of butterflies, such as this fiery skipper.  This is another reason that I sometimes let them grow in my yard.

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