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Milk Vine
Araujia sericifera

Milk Vine, Araujia sericifera The milk vine, also known as the moth vine, may have been imported as a decorative garden plant, but it is now considered an invasive weed.  For many years seeds of milk vine drifted into my yard frequently.  Recently they seem to have disappeared from the neighborhood.

Milk Vine, Araujia sericifera The manner in which this milk vine has over grown a cypress tree may explain another of its common names, "cruel plant".  In this case the milk vine looks dead because its stem was cut.

Milk Vine, Araujia sericiferaThe bulge at the base of the flower's tube gives rise to another common name, "white bladder-flower".

Milk Vine, Araujia sericiferaHere a close up shows the details of the flower.

Milk Vine, Araujia sericiferaThe fruit of the milk vine is very similar to the pod of milkweed, which is closely related.

Milk Vine, Araujia sericiferaWhen the pod opens, the seeds drift on the wind like dandelion seeds.

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