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Resurrection Lily
Licoria squamigera

Resurrection Lily, Licoria squamigeraThe flowers of the resurrection lily are born on a tall stalk, with no leaves.  This is the reason for another common name, naked lily.  Other names are, surprise lily, magic lily.  It is easy to grow, and left alone will clone itself into dense masses.

Resurrection Lily, Licoria squamigeraThese  are the leaves of a row of resurrection lilies.  They come up in the early spring, forming a dense cover that will smother anything growing underneath.  This is a favored haunt of the brown garden snail.

Resurrection Lily, Licoria squamigeraThen these leaves all die.  I have cut them away here, and used them for mulch.  The plants look very dead.  Which explains the name, resurrection lily.

Resurrection Lily, Licoria squamigeraMonths after the leaves have died, suddenly the flower bud appears, looking like a spear point on the end of its rapidly growing stalk.

Resurrection Lily, Licoria squamigeraThese  are the bulbs of the resurrection lily. they usually won't flower until the second year after being dug up and replanted.

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