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Paper-White Narcissus
Narcissus tazetta

Paper-White Narcissus, Narcissus tazettaThe paper-white narcissus usually blooms in October, brightening up the front yard.

Paper-White Narcissus, Narcissus tazettaThese are the flowers of a different variety of narcissus.  This is probably closer to what the wild variety of Narcissus tazetta looks like.  They bloom in November and December.  I don't know how many cultivated varieties there might be.

Paper-White Narcissus, Narcissus tazettaThis shows flowers maturing into fruit, with the seeds inside.  Except for creating new varieties, narcissus are rarely grown from seed, they are cloned.

Paper-White Narcissus, Narcissus tazettaThe under ground bulb of the narcissus is a short stem surrounded by specialized leaves.  Buds in the bulb will grow into new bulbs.  When the bulbs are separated from the parent, and planted. The new plant is a clone (produced asexually) of the older one.

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