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Passion Flower
Passiflora cearulae

Passsion flower, Passiflora cearulae A beautiful and intricate flower, the passion flower parts are supposed to represent various aspects of "The passion of Christ".  Many of them on the back wall make an impressive sight.

Passsion flower, Passiflora cearulae These are the deeply lobed leaves of the passion vine.  I see caterpillars have been nibbling on some of them.

Passsion flower, Passiflora cearulae This is one of the caterpillars of the gulf fritillary butterfly which were imported along with the vine.  One reason I grew the vines was to have a ready supply of caterpillars for my students to observe in class.  We also enjoy all the butterflies in our yard.

Passsion flower, Passiflora cearulae Here is the fruit of the passion flower.  Unlike the commercial species, this one is rather tasteless, but still pretty while hanging on the vine.

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