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Pinwheel Plant
Aeonium haworthii

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiThe pinwheel plant is a succulent, usually grown primarily for its foliage.  It is easy to grow with very little care.  It is usually cloned rather than grown from seed.  Any rosette, when broken off and placed on the soil, will grow into a large plant. 

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiThis is the flower spike of the pinwheel plant.  Generally, to maintain a compact shape, I cut the spikes off before they have a chance to flower.

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiThe pinwheel flowers are rather small.  Here is a close up of the flower spike.

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiHere the pinwheel plants have formed a solid mass along the edge of the garden.  I have found that when trimmed, they form a low hedge.

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiA pinwheel forms at the end of each branch.   A branch of the pinwheel plant sends down aerial roots.  As a result it can spread over a large area.  If a branch is broken, it has cloned a new plant.

Pinwheel Plant, Aeonium haworthiiAs aerial roots reach down between the many branches, a very dense tangle forms underneath the foliage.

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