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Puncture Vine
Tribulus terrestris

Puncture Vine, Tribulus terrestris When I allow part of my yard to dry out, as when the city was putting in new curbs and walks, the puncture vine is likely to show up.
 It is common in dusty fields, along dirt paths.  The flower is small, but bright.

Puncture Vine, Tribulus terrestris If allowed to grow, as in a vacant lot, the puncture vine spreads flat over a diameter of 5 feet or so.

Puncture Vine, Tribulus terrestris This is the fruit of the puncture vine.  When it matures it becomes hard and woody.  The spikes on it stick in the sole of a shoe just like a tack.  The vine earned its name from many flattened bicycle tires.  It's hard on bare feet as well.

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