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Sickle Thorn Asparagus
Asparagus falcatus

Sickle Thorn Asparagus, Asparagus falcatusThis is a common weed in my garden.  Like its close relative, asparagus-fern, it is distributed by birds.  Sickle thorn asparagus is cultivated in gardens for its foliage.

Sickle Thorn Asparagus, Asparagus falcatusUnlike asparagus-fern, sickle thorn asparagus is not a twining vine. In this picture it is actually using asparagus-fern as support, see the unsupported stem falling out to the right.

Sickle Thorn Asparagus, Asparagus falcatusThe real leaves on this plant are small and don't look at all leaf like.  These thin, very sharp thorns are the true leaves.  The flattened branches which look like leaves are called cladodes.

Sickle Thorn Asparagus, Asparagus falcatusHere is a good view of the tiny flowers.

sickle_thornThe fruit is a bright red berry.   They are prized by the mockingbirds especially when feedinf nestlings.  Which is why it is so common as a weed.

sickle_thornThese are the roots of the sickle thorn asparagus showing the tubers.

sickle_thornThe growing tip of the stem shows similarity to edible asparagus.

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