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Spider Plant
Chlorophytum comosum

Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosumYears ago this spider plant appeared in my garden.  I'm not sure where it came from, but mostly I've just ignored it.  Spider plants are most often grown in hanging baskets, so their long flower stalks with their plantlets hang gracefully.  Here the stalks act as runners, and the plantlets take root in the ground.

Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosumThe flowers grow near the ends of the long stalks.  Spider plant is also known as ribbon plant, and as walking anthericum.

Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosumThe fruit with the seeds is not very noticeable, but spider plant reproduction is primarily asexual.  The plantlets take root and separate from the parent plant.

Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosumThe new little plants appear at the end of the flower stalk.  Below, one has rooted and is now growing independently.

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