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Citrus x tangelo

Tangelo, Citrus x tangelo Somehow fruit grown in your own garden tastes so much better than any bought at the supermarket  This is a tangelo, which is a hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit.  we pick the first ones in December, but by January they are sweeter.  We try to strip the last of the crop by the end of March so they won't interfere with the next crop.

Tangelo, Citrus x tangelo These are the flowers of the tangelo in April.  You can see that one flower in back has already set fruit.  The tangelo tree begins blooming while the last ripening fruit of the previous crop are still on the tree.

Tangelo, Citrus x tangelo This is what a full crop looks like, now that the ash whiteflies have abated.  The giant whiteflies didn't cause much damage to the tangelo, but evastated the hibiscus.  We enjoy sharing with friends and neighbors.  It was near the top of this tree where I found the caterpillar of the giant swallowtail butterfly .

Tangelo, Citrus x tangelo Here are the skins of some windfalls which raccoons have neatly peeled and eaten.

Tangelo, Citrus x tangelo Here are the skins of some tangelos eaten by a wood rat, left hanging on the tree.

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